Why Should You Choose Klappenberger & Son Painting and Handyman Franchise?

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Why Choose Klappenberger & Son?

A fundamental question I asked myself when I decided to franchise my painting and handyman business in 2014 was:

“What are the key advantages I can offer in my franchise?  After all, I want something that will set me apart from the other franchise companies in this segment!”

It is a question that I thought long and hard about.  Actually, I still do to this day! I wanted my painting and handyman business to be THE model for my franchisees.  Therefore, I needed to include all the successful elements in a repeatable process. 

Using 32 years of learning and experience I had accumulated along the way, I asked myself:

“What could I  provide, reward, and teach that other franchises don’t?” 

Our team is constantly thinking about how we can improve margins and gross sales.  Even to this day, we are always making improvements.  As a result, we are always improving our franchise model.

Thusly, we have long surpassed the tools and resources I had when I was going it alone. 

We Provide Ongoing Support and Complete Systems for Your Business

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping for painters organizes your records and performs job cost analysis. This feature is unique. Additionally, it gives you time to grow.

CRM Platforms

Our cloud-based customer management system is easy to use. Notably, it has complete online access from your phone or tablet.

Marketing Systems

Our marketing systems are proven to generate ROI. In fact, we have multiple proven systems to help you in the marketing realm.

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What Does Klappenberger & Son Provide?

We provide 5 weeks of training instead of the standard 2 weeks. Honestly, I don’t know how someone can be trained in two weeks to run any business!

First of all, we help our franchisees out in the following ways during the training:

  • find customers,
  • give estimates,
  • identify and hire their staff, and
  • start doing actual jobs in their territory
  • marketing campaign

I am not aware of any other painting/handyman franchise that does this.

Truth be told, this can’t be done in two weeks.

Next, I provide the largest territories of any painting and handyman franchise in the country. A Klappenberger & Son territory contain between 450,000 and 650,000 people. Certainly, if a franchisee is to prosper, they need a large enough territory to build a significant business.

In addition, our royalty rate drops as your business grows.


Because I believe in rewarding hard work.

Finally, I personally teach my franchisees how to close the sale without being the cheapest guy in town.  It’s one thing to give estimates to prospects; that’s first base.  However, if you can’t turn those estimates into actual jobs, that’s a lot of time and money wasted.

As a result, the close rates on job estimates by Klappenberger franchisees are almost double the national average!  In addition, we are not the cheapest guys in town!  We don’t want you to compete on price.  Therefore, it is always about quality of the service.

Ongoing Support

According to the Industry Business Reports,

  • Number of Painting Businesses: 263,080
  • employees: 427,666

Most painting companies are, therefore, one owner and 1.7 painters.  

Why so small?

Many factors and time management are usually at the top of the list.  A Klappenberger & Son Franchise is all about saving time and money.

Here is a brief list

  • 24/7 call center prevents you from missing calls
  • Call Center Sets appointments for you
  • Quick estimating systems
  • CRM system – if you are not familiar with a CRM, it automatically keeps you in touch with new and old customers
  • Estimating assistance
  • Coaching and continuing education
  • Bookkeeping service
  • Successful Internet Marketing Tools such as Facebook and Google Ad Words
  • Your own landing pages inside our robust website

When you have these tools, you can run the business instead of the business running you.  If having your own business is a desire that won’t let go, give us a call, and let’s chat.

Klappenberger & Son Franchise Training

Certainly, for any business to succeed, you, as the owner must continually be focused on its success.  Throughout the training process, we will spend time exploring and developing your goals and the best way to achieve them. 

Core Training Items


Proper estimating is crucial to protecting your profits and that’s why we have generated two different ways of estimating cost. Our estimating system is based on real jobs and it includes many photos to illustrate clearly the subtleties and details of the process.


We are the only franchise of our kind with over 45 videos loaded with best practices. Having a proven process from over 30 years of experience will save you from making countless mistakes, greatly increase productivity. These videos are loaded with valuable tricks of the trade for you and all the workers in the field.

Building Confidence

Upon completion of the initial training, you will not only possess the knowledge required to professionally and efficiently perform all necessary tasks, but you will also be able to speak with confidence about all phases of our painting and related services. Though we will not teach you how to paint, you will know the proper techniques and how to identify and keep the best painters. Thus, you will have everything that you need to succeed.


We will also show you how to find and interview skilled painters and carpenters. Finding excellent help is always a challenge.  I will show you our system for identifying potential risks and quickly spotting poor and unproductive painters.


With over 32 years of experience, I will personally help you grow and market your business.  You will meet and exceed your goals using this process. Whether you prefer to specialize in the areas of commercial, residential, property management, government, or some mix, we have proven marketing strategies to ensure your success.

Our training incorporates a focus on your personal business goals from day one.  As a result, when your training is complete, together we’ll have already begun to establish contacts and potential customers, thus laying the groundwork necessary for your continuing success.

Included in our training:

  • One-on-One Training with Founder David Klappenberger
  • Online Training Videos for You and Your Painters
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • QuickBooks, Scheduling, and Estimating Training32

The Franchise Goal

My goal is to have the most satisfied and successful franchises in our industry. My commitment is to provide the tools, mentoring, and support they need to achieve that goal. Because of this, we have a support staff that has been in the industry for decades and knows the obstacles and challenges that franchisees face.  

With a commitment from the franchisee to follow the system and work the business, I know we can do great things together.

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What’s the Secret Sauce? Why Choose a Klappenberger & Son Franchise?

Klappenberger & Son is the only painting company that has training videos for everyone. Whether you are an owner, estimator, or painter, everyone is following the same process. When a customer asks about the time, process, and products we will all be singing from the same hymn book.

What Makes for an Ideal Klappenberger & Son Franchisee?

If you are all about quality work and exceeding customer expectations, and are genuinely interested in discussing the possibility of building your very own business, look no further.

Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Today, there are a lot of franchises for veterans in the marketplace. And yes, Klappenberger & Son is one of those franchise opportunities. However, the training you have received in the military can give you an upper hand in whatever franchise you choose. 

I believe a veteran-run franchise makes perfect sense.
Why? Because discipline, willingness to follow a process, and leadership development are the necessary tools to be a successful franchisee.

Klappenberger & Son is a recession-resistant painting and handyman franchise. Forming the company in 1989, David Klappenberger launched his first franchise in 2015. We created our franchise for veterans in mind. Accurate, time tested procedures (30 years) and step by step instructions.

Having the founder teach you the systems and processes to have your successful franchise is a real benefit. David Klappenberger built his business to be one of the largest in Maryland. His crews worked at
the Pentagon, Smithsonian, and even the White House. Having one on one training from someone who has done the work for decades is a real advantage.

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Qualifications For The Position

Prior painting or home improvement experience will be considered a plus.  We even offer a compelling program option for existing painting businesses.  However, previous industry experience is not a necessity.

Of course, you should love working with people and pleasing customers! Additionally, you will need to meet all licensing and certification requirements in the area in which you operate.

However, don’t worry, we can help you identify those requirements. We are looking for winners to join us, and help us take Klappenberger & Son to the next level. 

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Would you like more information on owning your own Klappenberger & Son Franchise Territory?

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