Ideal Klappenberger & Son Candidate

Franchisee Kenny Lee of Baltimore MD
"To be able to get training from the founder of the company who has been doing this for 30 years was amazing!"
Kenny Lee
Baltimore, MD

What makes the ideal Klappenberger & Son Candidate? 

Is it not true that we think anyone can do something with a little practice and effort if we can do it?

But that is not true.  Not everyone can be a successful business owner.  Why not?  First, let’s go through the standard “ideal candidate” requirements for any business that deals with the public.

Standard Franchisee (and accurate) Ideal Candidate Qualifications

Be Honest, Trustworthy, and of Outstanding Character

Be a High-Energy individual with a Strong Work Ethic

Have Excellent Customer Relations, Sales, and Managerial Skills

Have Excellent Communication Skills

Possess Basic Business and Computer Skills

Ideal Klappenberger & Son Candidate Part II

There is a short second list to being an ideal Klappenberger & Son candidate, which is the glue to improving your business.  Without this glue, this ability, your company culture will suffer, your customer satisfaction will be average, and your sales will stagnate.  

Additional Ideal Candidate Qualifications (rarely mentioned)



Alex Mironov, owner in Montgomery County , MD
Arturo is an ideal Klappenberger & Son candidate who is now a successful franchisee
Arturo Lacayo, Franchisee in Howard County, MD
Daniel Tucker, Franchisee in Washington DC

We want to help and guide our franchisees through uncertainty to success.  If you prefer to figure things out on your own, that’s fine, but franchising with us probably wouldn’t make sense.   Our support team has the knowledge and wisdom to show you what to avoid and help your business grow.    

We have found the best franchisees are the ones who are humble enough to ask questions and self-reflect.  

People who look to blame others tend to see the same problems remerge time and time again.  People who self-reflect can make inward changes which lead to change and success.

Prior experience in home services is not required.  Our processes and systems are for people with little or no experience.

David Klappenberger Author of Best franchise opportunities

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