Automation To Increase Productivity & Profits


Having automation to increase productivity and profits is one of the benefits of a Klappenberger & Son franchise. 

Running a painting company by yourself means you are juggling many responsibilities.  Our franchise helps reduce your workload, stress and improves customer service.

Back in the day, before I had anything except Microsoft Word, I had to rely on my memory and scrapes of paper on a paper clip. 

Today we have a unique estimating software system that calculates the hours, materials, and expected profit.  

The best part about our estimating platform is that it takes no previous painting experience.  We can quickly teach you how to measure a house and give the customer correct estimates in about 30 minutes.  

The quick turnaround will help you close jobs.

If the customer is not anxious to make a decision, don’t worry, our CRM system will send emails and texts to the customer.

Our CRM system is incorporated directly with our proposal software—no more handwriting notes and forgetting to follow up.


Getting Estimates


Customers who want to schedule an estimate can do so in 4 easy ways.

First, we have a chatbox where customers can get basic information about our services and request an estimate.

Secondly, we have a contact form that goes directly to your email.

We have a call center that takes calls 24/7.

Having the call center guarantees that calls won’t be missed.  Our call center has taken estimate requests at all hours. 

When a customer contacts the call center, you can opt for the call center to schedule the estimate for you.



And finally, when customers enter their zip code, it takes them directly to the franchisee Calendly schedule. 

Once they schedule an appointment, they are automatically entered into our CRM system. 

The customer will receive a combination of texts and emails to remind them of the appointment and a bit more about Klappenberger & Son.

Klappenberger & Son uses as much of the newest technology that will increase customer service while decreasing your work load!


Automation To Increase Productivity & Profits – Absolutley!


Klappenberger & Son provides a unique opportunity to increase your productivity and profits through the use of automation, making it one of the greatest advantages of owning a Klappenberger & Son franchise.

With the help of advanced automated processes, you can streamline your operations, optimize your efficiency, and reach your targets in a significantly shorter time.

The convenience and efficacy of automation can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources needed for completing tedious tasks, allowing you to devote your precious time to more vital aspects of your business.

Integrating automation into your franchise can increase accuracy, precision, and profitability, creating a sustainable and successful enterprise.

With Klappenberger & Son, you can leverage automation to grow your operations and achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently than ever before.


Automation From The Customer Requesting an Estimate to Retention Plan


From the initial phone call, a customer makes to the drip campaign, many steps are automated, keeping you engaged with your customers. 

Growing any business has challenges and requires a lot of work.  Having systems that reduce your workload make the journey easier and faster.