Painting & Handyman Franchisee Daniel Tucker of Klappenberger & Son
"Buying a Klappenberger & Son franchise was the best investment I ever made" - Daniel Tucker

A Day in the Life of Klappenberger Franchisee, Daniel Tucker

Question:  What does a typical day for you look like as a painting and handyman franchisee with Klappenberger & Son?

Painting & Handyman Franchisee Daniel Tucker – Often, I meet with my crews at their worksites.  For instance, today I met a crew at in Anne Arundel Community College.  We’ve done many jobs for them.  Currently, we’re doing almost the whole interior of an office building, including all of the offices.  I had a meeting with the project manager to make sure he’s up-to-date with the details of the job they’re working on.

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Also, l typically make calls to perform estimates for various jobs on a daily basis.  Today, I issued an estimate for the Historical Society from Prince George’s County.  I estimated painting the exterior of one of their historic houses.  I’ve previously completed a huge project for this client a couple of years ago.  I believe it’s my largest project to date ($40,000). 

Another task that I often perform on a daily basis is delivering materials to my crews.  In fact, I took materials to a crew working in Washington D.C. today.

I’ve currently got five jobs running simultaneously, with another job starting tomorrow.  To summarize, I’m typically running around between all of the jobs ensuring everything’s running smoothly while also working to get more jobs in the pipeline.

Question:  How do you get  jobs in the pipeline?

Painting & handyman franchisee Daniel Tucker – Networking is a big part of that.  I’m in a BNI group in Washington D.C.  I do a lot of networking, trying to build relationships with people that need our services.  Additionally, the website generates leads.  I have Google marketing campaigns through our contact (franchisor).  Finally, Best Picks (a directory) is probably my best marketing tool due to the attract cost of leads as well as the quality of the leads.  Every time they do a drop in spring and the fall, we get swamped. 

Question:  Do you find the hurdles as a painting and handyman franchisee are greater than what you had in your previous work?  Is there more stress?

Painting & handyman franchisee Daniel Tucker – I would not say more stressful in terms of quality, but there is more work.  However, that’s what I signed up for. I mean, I work more, and I make more money.  There’s more stuff that I have to keep track of compared to my previous job.  While there is more work, I don’t think it’s overall more stressful.

Question:  Do you have a hard time finding people to do the work?

Painting & handyman franchisee Daniel Tucker – Absolutely, but they are out there. It’s as in any industry: it’s a challenge to find good, reliable people. I don’t think it’s any different from our line of work versus any other.

Painting & Handyman Franchisee Daniel Tucker – “I did my due diligence before becoming a painting and handyman franchisee with Klappenberger & Son.  The business has proven to be recession and pandemic resistant which I am very grateful for.”

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