Technology Systems and Support

"The great growling engine of change - Technology"

-Alvin Toffler

Technology has changed the world for hundreds of years but not so much in the painting and handyman business.   Most home service companies do not use the technology that exists

How do I know this?

Because we all know that contacting someone to work at your house or business is a pain, call five painters, and one or two will call you back.  

On the other hand, call five restaurants for a pizza delivery, and you will get five pizzas in about 30 minutes.  

Klappenberger & Son has changed the experience customers receive.

User-Friendly Automation

Its Gotta Be A Plug-and-Play System

Our system is designed to be easy to use and very effective.  Using our CRM and infrastructure will aid in the following: 

Lower overhead

higher profits

Higher close rate

Better customer experience 

Fewer responsibilities and less stress

Our user-friendly technology reduces your workload and stress while improving the customer experience. 

Back in the day, before I had anything except Microsoft Word, I had to rely on my memory and scrapes of paper on a close pin. 

Today we have a unique estimating software system that calculates the hours, materials, and expected profit. 

Our CRM is designed to work seamlessly with your business every step of the way. Whether it's managing customer calls or implementing a long-term retention plan, our CRM ensures consistent and effective communication with your customers while you focus on growing the business.
CRM Technolgy at Klappenberger & Son is better than anyone in the entire world


The best part about our estimating platform is that it takes no previous painting experience.  We can quickly teach you how to measure a house and give the customer correct estimates in about 30 minutes.  

The quick turnaround will help you close jobs.

If the customer is not anxious to make a decision, don’t worry, our CRM system will send emails and texts to the customer.

Our CRM system is incorporated directly with our proposal software—no more handwriting notes and forgetting to follow up.

Proven Systems & Process Enable Growth That Would Otherwise Not Be Possible

"Klappenberger & Son...Can I Help You?"

At Klappenbereger & Son, we understand the importance of always being available to our clients.

We have partnered with a reliable third-party call center to ensure you never miss a call.

Whether you’re busy giving an estimate or cheering on your child at their soccer game, the call center operates 24/7.  

Customers rarely leave messages.  Missing phone calls means losing revenue. 

The average painting job costs around $4,000, and missing just a few weekly calls will hurt the bottom line.

Three Ways To Ensure You Never Miss A Customer

First, we have a chatbox where customers can get basic information about our services and request an estimate.

Secondly, we have a contact form that goes directly to your email.

We have a call center that takes calls 24/7.

Having the call center guarantees that calls won’t be missed.  Our call center has taken estimate requests at all hours. 

We have partnered with a reliable third-party service to ensure that your books are always up-to-date and accurate. You can trust that your financial records are in good hands, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that experts are taking care of your finances.

Is The Franchisor Making Money From These Third Party Companies?

Klappenberger & Son works hard to reduce costs for its franchisees wherever possible.  That includes third-party services that would cost more if we provided them in-house. 

On two of the third-party accounts, you are billed directly.  On one account where that is not possible to be billed directly, we currently charge $10.00 a month.

We aim for you to own a profitable business and not be nickeled and dimed to death with franchisor fees.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being the most affordable painting franchise with the least amount on going fees. 

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