Training & Support

How critical would the training be if you train to be a boxer, bodybuilder, or professional athlete?  

I love to golf, but I could only progress so far without taking lessons from a professional.

The same applies to operating a business, even in an industry that seems straightforward, like painting and handyman.  

Quick True Story

After painting for 25 years as a go-it-alone painting contractor, I decided to franchise my brand.  The idea came when I was fixing poorly painted jobs by a familiar brand painting franchise.  

While standing at the Sherwin-Williams counter, I complained that if I ever started a franchise, they’d know what they were doing and not make stupid rookie mistakes.

  Kathy, the Sherwin-Williams manager, said, “Why Don’t you start a franchise?”

Sherwin Williams store


  • Could you train me to do your job in two weeks?  Probably not.

Solution – Learning a new industry takes time.  Having only two weeks to train someone without previous knowledge is a recipe for disaster.  Our training is 6 weeks long.  Other painting franchises only train for 1-2 weeks on average.

We believe the extra time our franchisees get gives the information time to be absorbed.  

When a customer asks the new franchisee about our processes, or the paints we recommend, and cost, it needs to be answered accurately and confidently.   


Klappenberger & Son Training  

  • 3.5 weeks is virtual one-on-one meetings
  • Field trip to shadow a franchisee for the day.
  • Two weeks of training at your location



Rasheed, in blue shirt, is getting help in estimating with estimating his first town house community.

Training Steps To Success

Step I

Our first 3.5 weeks of training are one-on-one virtual meetings. 

Step II

Field Training – for a day or two, you will shadow an established franchise for a day or two. 

This will allow you to give live estimates, visit job sites, and get a natural feel for the business.

Step III

While most franchises offer little or no on-the-field training, Klappenberger & Son offers up to two full weeks.  

Yes, for two weeks we are with you in your town, helping you:

  • Staff your company
  • Marketing
  • Giving Estimates
  • Starting Jobs 


We can’t guarantee that we will start a job, but it is common.   

The two weeks are a great time to reinforce the training and ensure you are off to a good start.  

Painting franchisee in Miami

Sales Training

Finding the right franchise means deciding do you want to train or go alone

We have one of the best sales training classes in the painting industry.  You will learn from a trainer who has closed over 20,000 painting or handyman jobs. 

After finishing this training section, you will be amazed at how well you can build value and close jobs.  Our franchisees close nearly twice as high as the industry average.

These sales techniques are also valuable for influencing the technicians out in the field.

Our high close rate is high pressured sales techniques.  Instead, it is from listening to the customer’s needs and explaining how we can meet them professionally.  


You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

After training, we will still be with you every step of the way.  We talk regularly with our new franchisees to ensure any questions or concerns are answered promptly and thoroughly. 

Seven days a week,  we are available to answer questions.

We encourage you to call even if you think you know the answer so that you can be sure.

I don’t know who does the training for the other franchises, and I am sure they are good at what they do.  With that said, Our training has two people with a combined 50 years of experience in the painting industry.  Experience that includes residential, commercial, new construction, and government projects. 

Regardless of what type of painting industry you choose, we can guide you through the challenges you will face.  

I don’t know how other painting or handyman franchises could send a new franchisee out into the world with one or two weeks of training. 

Two weeks of training is inadequate to learn about: 

  • Different paints
  • Estimating
  • Sales
  • Software
  • Processes
  • Systems

Not knowing any of the items listed above will lead to a steep learning curve, a slow start, and a loss of revenue.   

As I mentioned, I don’t want my franchisees making rookie mistakes.

How Do You Know If You Will Succeed?

Your success will be determined more by your actions than anyone else’s.  I hope that comes as good news.  Being in control of your destiny is a lot better than someone else.  However, we believe that if you believe in us, we should believe in you.  And that is why we offer a $500,000 gross sale guarantee in your first 20 months if you follow our process.  If you don’t reach $500,000, we will fully reimburse you your franchise fee.

For more details, visit our franchise guarantee page.


A Painting Franchise with a guarantee