Franchise National Discounts

There are certain advantages Klappenberger & Son can offer that other independently owned companies cannot. Franchise National discounts are one of them. Klappenberger & Son was established in 1989 and has deep ties with three major independent paint companies.

15% is the materials to labor ratio for a typical painting job. That means a painting company generating $1,000,000 in revenue will spend about $150,000 at the paint store.  

Our franchise national discounts vary compared to what an independent contractor pays for the same gallon of paint.  However, when we began getting national discounts, I noticed our price per gallon dropped between 5-25%. Yes, that is a big swing, but if I guesstimate on the low end, say 10%, that’s a savings of $15,000 in your pocket.  

Whether you pass those savings over to the customer or keep the difference, the choice is yours.

National Attention

Each year we hold a Winter Awards Party, which includes tutorials about our vendors’ latest and greatest products. Experts in the field discuss everything from improving your margins to new products still in the testing phase. 

Franchisees learn a great deal about new products that will help their future clients.

After the Klappenberger & Son Annual Awards Event, the attention to training continues.  Sales reps from each vendor are available to assist you in estimating jobs from time to time. They are experts in calculating the correct amount of paint and the right type of paint for your job.  

There are several advantages to having a paint manufacturer’s sales representative help with an estimate. First, they can help answer questions that a customer might have. Secondly, if you use their recommended product and apply it correctly, they will undoubtedly be more likely to warranty the paint.

Franchise National Discounts Are Great, But The Realtionship Can Grow A Business

Finally, you are developing relationships with some of the most knowledgable and well-connected people in your local painting industry. Over time, as the relationship grows, sales reps may refer you to new customers.  These referrals are often large jobs that can be very profitable.  Consider that if a customer reaches out to a sales rep, they are constantly looking for reliable, professional services, not the lowest price. These jobs can be anywhere from $5,000 – $200,000.