Franchisee Marketing

We make sure that you have a proven marketing strategy supporting your franchise

What Marketing Tools Are Included With Your Franchise?

Website Section Setup, Hosting & Maintenance

When you become a franchisee, you receive a new subset of optimized pages on the Klappenberger and Son website.  These include:

  • state page
  • main city page
  • exterior painting in your main city
  • interior painting in your main city 
  • handyman work in your main city
  • kitchen cabinet painting in your main city

Plus, we will create interior, exterior, handyman and cabinet painting pages targeting 3-5 other areas in your territory.

The Klappenberger and Son main website had over 93,000 visitors in 2022 and is on pace to beat that number in 2023.

The most popular pages on the website are the ones that promote the franchisees.  However, blogs are published on a regular basis to help attract more people to the website.

Complete Review System

Did you know that 92% of people read reviews for local businesses?  Not only that, but 44% of consumers will not consider a review relevant if it was written more than 30 days ago.

This is why we provide all of our franchisees with a completely automated review system.  This process is setup to help you get reviews on a regular basis from your happiest clients.

By adding your prospect to our CRM and marking the job as completed (and happy), they are automatically entered into a set of emails and texts that help them easily leave a review.

Monthly Website SEO

86% of people don’t search for a specific painting company when looking on Google.  This is why it is so important for our franchisees that the website comes up on the first page.  We want to help them get as many free leads as possible.

We use all of the SEO best practices when it comes to our website to help your page come up to potential clients.  In fact, every month we: do retargeting, build backlinks, repurpose successful content, add videos to the site, publish blogs, apply new keyword research, write guest articles and more!

We are taking as many steps as possible to rank your franchise highly on Google.


Weekly Google Business Profile Updates

We help your Google Business Profile show up in the 3-pack (the results just below the map on Google) as much as possible.  One way to do this is to have an active and interesting profile.

Google loves when you use their tools and will reward you for doing so.  This is why we make sure that your profile is active weekly and that it is completed fully.  This includes the common questions portion.

Google also loves pictures and videos, so your profile is updated weekly with photos and videos that are intriguing to a prospect when they are checking you out.  

Facebook Ads

The average amount of time that an adult in 2023 spends on Facebook is 35 minutes per day!  At Klappenberger and Son, we make sure to take advantage of that fact.

When you first buy a franchise, we write a set of blogs that are keyword optimized for your location and advertise them on Facebook as well.  This is how we start traffic in your area running to the site.

Retargeting is also a cost covered by the franchisor.  We run retargeting ads featuring franchisees, before and after pictures, testimonials and more to everyone that visits the website or watches one of our videos.

Daily Facebook Posting

When looking for a painting company, more than half of consumers today will research a business on social media.  This is why it’s so important to have daily posts on Facebook.

This is taken care of for our franchisees.  We have a marketing team that makes sure that quality posts are going out every day.

These posts are also considered social signals that can help with SEO.

Daily LinkedIn Posting

The Klappenberger and Son LinkedIn page has daily posts about the franchisees, jobs that have been completed, franchise opportunities, fun quizzes/trivia and more.  You can count on the LinkedIn page to promote you as a franchisee as well as the Klappenberger brand to a large audience of people.

Have your own LinkedIn page with a following?

Great!  You can be set up to receive all of the posts as well on your personal page, which will be seen by your connections and help you grow your business.  It only takes about 5 minutes to get this functionality up and running for you.  You’ll never have to worry about daily posting again.

Franchise YouTube Channel

The Klappenberger and Son YouTube Channel is a great repository of knowledge for franchisees, painting clients, prospects, DIYers and more.  With over 100 videos, David addresses franchising questions, client testimonials, painting reviews and many other painting topics.

The channel has over 3000 subscribers and is growing every month.  This is more than CertaPro, Five Star Painting and Wow 1 Day Painting combined!

Have an idea for a video that you think your clients would enjoy?  You can create the video and have it featured on the YouTube channel or Klappenberger and Son is always happy to create the videos for the franchisees.

Franchise Pinterest Profile

The target market for most painting companies is women between the ages of 40 and 64 that are in the top 20% of household income.  The Pinterest target market is almost exactly the same!

We make sure to get you in front of your target market on as many platforms as we can.  This is why we regularly post to Pinterest.

Printed Franchise Materials

We don’t want you to have to be a graphic designer, nor do we want you to hire one!

When you purchase a Klappenberger and Son Franchise, you immediately have access to all of the printed materials that we have.  You’ll get access to yard signs, door knockers, neighborhood fliers, business cards, review request cards and more!

We have a library of materials proven to work with your target market.  All you have to do is get them printed.

Sales Portfolio

Franchisees at Klappenberger and Son receive a sales portfolio to review with prospects when they are giving an estimate.

This portfolio contains examples of jobs that we have done, popular color recommendations from designers, information about multiple paint types, estimated project timelines, warranty details, testimonials from past clients, frequently asked questions and much more!  

By having all of the information that you need right at your fingertips, it makes the sale that much easier.  Imagine going into an estimate, completely prepared to answer any question a prospect may ask!

Custom Client Presentations

Big project where the client may want to see you go the extra yard? Check!

All franchisees have access to our pre-prepared client presentations that follow a proven sales sequence.

Each presentation is cut and paste ready for you.  Just add the pictures that you took of the client’s house, the color recommendations, change out the name/address information and you are good to go.  The slides that highlight why they should choose Klappenberger and Son are already in there, but you can add to them as well.