Franchisee Testimonials

Nothing gives better credibility than franchisee testimonials.  In fact, 92% of people read testimonials before making a purchase. 

At Klappenberger & Son, we work day and night to give our franchisees the support they need to grow their business. But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear what they have to say! 

Owners Experience

About the Training:

“A great experience.  I have a diverse entrepreneurial background, but the Klappenberger & Son franchise experience is second to none. David and his team are invested and involved.  David’s knowledge experience, mentorship, and accessibility far exceeds expectations.  It allows franchisees the opportunities to build, grow, and succeed. 

-Rasheed Bowen, Miami FL

Painting Franchise in Miami
Franchisee testimonals by Daniel Tucker about Klappenberger & Son Franchise
Daniel Tucker previous career was in sales.

“Buying this franchise was the best finical decision I have ever made.

K&S  has provided me with the best of both worlds – all the resources I need to operate, with the personal support to navigate the ins and outs of our business. It’s reassuring to know our services will always in need regardless of what is happening in the world.  Now I have the tools to create financial success for myself and my family.”

-Daniel Tucker


The Bottom Line


Getting positive franchisee testimonials always feel good to hear. 

 Their success is our success.  Our goal is to provide franchises with systems and processes that make growing a franchise easier.

For example, recently we added a call center to schedule estimates and improve overall communication. 


All voices are unrehearsed and candid.   

Our goal is to create the best painting and handyman franchise in the US.  How do we define “best franchise”? 

To become the best franchise, we must be superior in four major areas.

  • Highest margins
  • Cutting edge digital marketing 
  • Continuing training and support
  • Highest rated among customer satisfaction

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