Finding the Right Customers

You Maybe 5 Great Customers From Growing Your Painting  Business Here’s a question for you:  How many companies could survive with just 5 great customers?   Not many, right?  In fact, many businesses must constantly be attracting new customers because their previous ones move from one option to the next based on convenience, price, or whim.  As […]

Home Service Industry 2022 Sneak Peek

Home Service Industry 2022 Sneak Peek One thing is for sure since COVID 19; people in the United States have dramatically changed the direction in which we are spending our money.  In 2020 and 2021, grocery stores, Amazon, and the home Industry grew. Unfortunately, over 110,000 restaurants permanently closed their doors. Other industries suffered as […]

Franchises For Veterans: It Just Makes Sense?

veteran franchisee of klappenberger & Son

Franchises for Veterans: It Just Makes Sense Taking Your Military Experiences and Applying It to a Franchise Are you researching franchises for veterans? If so, you are not alone.  In fact, despite veterans only being only 7% of the population, veterans make up 14% of all franchisees in the US. Several significant advantages make veterans […]

Who Has The Best Painting Franchise

Before you quit your job and spend $100,000 or more on a painting franchise, shouldn’t you know who has the best painting franchise? Which painting franchise has the best value and opportunity for you too grow?   Evaluating The 7 Top Painting Franchise? This article evaluates seven painting franchise, in four of the most important […]

A Franchise With A Guarantee?


Our Franchise Guarantee According to all 3,000 or more franchisors in the U.S., they all puff their chest and say “I am the best!”    But only one puts its money where their mouth is.  That would be Klappenberger & Son…and we have a franchise guarantee! Every industry has multiple choices.  Each has its pros […]