Finding The Best Franchise To Own

Finding The Best Franchise With over 4,000 franchises in the US, finding the best franchise for you can feel overwhelming.  Many people acquired paralysis through analysis while searching for the best franchise to own.  And who can blame them? On average, 300 new franchises dipped their toes in the franchise water pool. In the 1950s, there […]

Good Painting Co’s Roll Right Through Recessions

Contact Us Good Painting Co’s Roll Right Through Recessions   Jon Anderson of Klappenberger & Son in Montgomery gets a selfie with a happy customer. Recession Or Inflation?  Relax Painting Contractors, Your Lucky I’ve been an active painting contractor from 1989-2019, and if you are new to being a painting contractor or have not worked […]

Benjamin Moore National Account

Benjamin Moore National Account Perks Klappenberger & Son franchisees receive cost-cutting discounts on paint when opening a Benjamin Moore national account.   Our Benjamin Moore National Account prices are often lower than an independent contractor’s pay.  Why?  It’s all about buying power.  When you have eight sizable franchisees purchasing large quantities of paint, we can negotiate […]

Sherwin Wiliams Is Like A Big Brother

Sherwin Williams National Accounts Is A Huge Saving Curtesy of Sherwin Williams West Berlin NJ Having a national account with Sherwin Williams is just one of the advantages of being awarded a  Klappenberger & Son franchise.   Receiving national discounts at SW gives you price advantages that independent painting contractors don’t often achieve.   Klappenberger & Son […]

A Franchise Opportunity Near Me?

Best Franchise Opportunities The best franchise opportunities come in many different sizes and shapes.  There certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all.   However, if you will kindly join me,  I will walk you through the process of elimination to find the best franchise opportunity. Your first inclination may be to find the franchise that has the best ROI.  […]

Check Out Our Franchise Guarantee

You Need To Check Out Our Franchise Guarantee in 2022 Did You Know That There Are 4000 Franchisors In The United States? The United States has more than 4,000 franchises. They all exclaim, “I’m the greatest! I’m the best! I’m the best!” One franchise, on the other hand, has put its money where its mouth […]

Finding The Best Franchise To Own 

Finding The Best Franchise To Own A 10 Question Survey To Help Walk You Through The Process Of Choosing A Franchise That Is Perfect For YOU! Finding the best franchise to own for you is NOT necessarily the best franchise for someone else.  However, after answering these nine questions, you will begin to synthesize the […]

Starting A Painting Company or Buying A Franchise? Pros and Cons

Starting A Painting Company Build your own company or buy a franchise? What are the pros and cons?  Are you weighing the options of starting a painting company on your own or buying a franchise I can give you some plain speak?     I have seven strategic comparisons to either starting a painting business alone […]

The Best Handyman Franchise

Evaluating 4 Handyman Franchises Mr. Handyman Handyman Matters Klappenberger & Son Handyman Connection If you are looking to invest in a handyman franchise, you have probably looked at some of the above franchises. At first glance, they may all look about the same, but under closer inspection, some have fees that others do not, and […]

How Much Money Do Painting Companies Make?

How Much Money Do Painting Companies Make How much money do painting companies make? Whether you are interested in owning a painting business or buying a franchise, you probably want to know one thing.  How much money do paint companies make?  The short answer is – it depends on a few factors.  However, by the […]