Sherwin Williams' National Accounts Are A Huge Saving

Klappenberger & Son painter using Sherwin Williams paint
Sherwin Williams Store
Curtesy of Sherwin Williams West Berlin NJ

Having a national account with Sherwin Williams is just one of the advantages of being awarded a Klappenberger & Son franchise.  

Receiving national discounts at SW gives you price advantages that independent painting contractors don’t often achieve.  

Klappenberger & Son franchisees buy about $90,000 worth of paint a year. A 10–20% discount over other contractors’ pay is a huge advantage.

The savings on the paint is enough to offset a good portion of the franchise fees.  

Sherwin Williams Helps With Finding Professional Painters

SW understands that finding good painters to staff your franchise can feel overwhelming. They know hundreds of painters and will give you their contact information for the type of work you need. Whether you need painters skilled in re-paints, new construction, or spraying kitchen cabinets, Sherwin Williams will facilitate the introductions for you.

Recently, one of our franchisees needed four painters who were skilled in new construction. The SW sales rep actually found six qualified painters for them to interview.

Having Sherwin Williams' Assistance Is Like Having A Big Brother

SW Representatives gladly lend their time and experience to helping you with estimating. 

Whether you need assistance calculating the amount of paint you need or the perfect brand, these experts want to help you grow.

In this picture, Rasheed (center, in blue shirt) was getting assistance from Giovanni (SW Sales Rep on the right). The job involved painting over 75 townhouses in Dural, Fl.

Sherwin Williams rep assisting a Klappenberger & Son Franchisee with an exterior estimate

Having The Trending Colors

All painters have a fan deck of colors, but not many have an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of trending 2022 colors. Showing a customer trending colors on your cell phone is one thing, but having a full-size sheet for the customer to see and hold closes jobs!  

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