Finding The Best Home Service Franchise

man highlighting pages trying to find who has the best franchise to own

If you are interested in exploring a home service business, you are not alone.  Whether it is a painting or handyman franchise or some other home service industry, there is a growing demand to have a business that you can operate from home.    The painting and handyman industry has proven to be continually growing every year, even during the pandemic.  

 Regardless of which franchise you choose, the due diligence steps you should take and the questions you should ask are the same.  

Here are the necessary stages in evaluating the best home service franchise?  

Questions You Should Know before Buying a Home Service Franchise

1. Do you need any previous experience?

At Klappenberger & Son no experience is necessary to have a successful franchise .

No.  Most painting and handyman franchisees come in with no real experience in the industry.  Our franchise training process starts with the assumption that this is a new industry for you.

If you do have experience or an existing home service business, we will cater our training to help you as needed.

2. Has the home improvement franchise industry been affected by COVID-19?


March and April, most of our franchisees have had no problem working at or near full capacity.  For the year, the home improvement industry is having one of its best years.   Customer buying habits have altered, and people are investing in their homes.

3. Does Klappenberger & Son have a guarantee?


Yes.  We guarantee that if you follow our system and fail to gross $500,000 in your first 20 months, we will reimburse your franchise fee in full. 

4. What will my role be as a painting and handyman franchisee?

In the beginning, your primary role will be to do everything except the physical work for the customer.  It will include all other aspects though we do assist with bookkeeping services and ongoing support.

FAQ: Income and Profitability of A Handyman and Painting Franchise

5. How fast can I start earning money in your franchise system?

Most of our franchisees start making money near the time training is complete, if not soon after that.  Because residential jobs typically pay faster, we focus our internet marketing strategy on residential customers.  For larger jobs,  asking for deposits and ongoing payments is acceptable.  Your results may vary, but we find that most of our painting and handyman franchise get off to quick starts executing our marketing system.

6. What can franchisees expect to earn in their first year?

The franchise industry is very regulated, and we are not able to make earning claims here.  However, you can speak directly with our franchisees or request a copy of our FDD.  

7. What is the determining factor to my success in your franchise system?

I love this question.  Let me give you a concise answer: 

  • Follow our system
  • Work smart
  • Be a good leader


8. What are the margins in the painting and handyman business?

Gross margins are around 40%- 50%.  The net profit of jobs varies widely.  Over a year’s time, you will have a few jobs that you lose money on and others you do very well.  The industry standard is between 15-20% net profit.  For a detailed account of what a Klappenberger & Son Franchisee net profit is, please contact us.  

9. How do I find people to do the work?

Sherwin Williams Logo

During franchise training, we will teach you and work with you to find technicians.  We will contact local paint stores and speak to the managers who can help introduce us to local painters and handymen.  During training, we will interview painters and handymen together.  After training, you will understand the process of finding and retaining good help.

10. How do I manage people who have more skill and knowledge in the industry than I do?

Klappenberger & Son has created a library of “best practices” that are for everyone to follow.  These training videos explain the best practices.  As a new franchisee, you can explain that this is how we do things, and we would like you to give it a try.

11. Do I need a truck?

Yes.  It is a beautiful truck too!

Klappenberger & Son Work Truck

Financing and Initial Start-up costs FAQ

12. Do you help with loans or financing?

When starting up a home improvement business, financing is one of the most critical pieces.  Though we do not finance the loan, we can assist you in several ways, including providing you with a business plan, loan officers, Small Business Administration, and many other options to get the necessary financing.

13. Are you registered with the SBA?

Yes we are.

Small Business Administration logo

14. What is the franchise start-up fees?

 Initial franchise start-up fees are between $77,000 – $116,000.  When comparing apples to apples, our initial start-up costs amongst the lowest in the entire home improvement franchise industry!

15. What is the Franchise Fee?

$47,000 or $40,000 for veterans.


Franchise Territory Question: FAQ

16. Is this a full-time job, or can I do this part-time?

Full-time.  Out territories are twice as large as our closest competitor and 4-5 larger than most other painting and handyman franchises.  We are looking for people who want to grow a substantial business.

17. How big is the territory?

Our territories are 350,000 people to 500,000 people, with many extending as high as 600,000 without any additional cost to the franchisee.  I operated my painting and handyman company in a territory that was the same size and grew it to 25-30 guys working.  Most painting and handyman franchises have territories between 100,000 and 250,000 people.

East coast franchise terriroty

18. Are there any restrictions inside your franchise territory?

No. You can perform residential, commercial, and government projects.

19. Is my territory protected from other Klappenberger & Son franchisees?

Yes. Neither Klappenberger & Son franchisees or its affiliates can advertise or perform work in your territory.  The only exception is an existing relationship with a customer inside a franchisee territory with properties outside the territory.  Most Handyman and Painting Franchises have restrictions on commercial work.

20. How important is it that I live inside the franchise territory?

Besides the apparent additional traveling that would occur outside the territory, Google My Business trusts businesses that have an address that matches the areas you are targeting.  It is advisable to live inside the area, or you will need to have a business address of some sort inside your territory.

21. Is the franchise territory negotiable?

Yes.  As long it does not hurt future territories, we are open to finding a territory that works for everyone.

FAQ About The Best Franchise Training

22. How long is the franchise training?

Our franchise training is six weeks long and includes more hours of on-site training than any other handyman or painting franchise.

23. Where does the franchise training take place?

  • 1-2 weeks is at the corporate headquarters located in Severna Park, MD, located just outside of the historic Annapolis. 
  • 2-3 weeks is through webinars and homework assignments.
  • The last two weeks of franchise training is at the site of the new franchisee.

24. Why is your franchise training longer than other painting and handyman franchises?

 I want my franchisees to be as educated about the industry as possible.  There is so much to know about how to start a home improvement franchise.  Taking short cuts or having incomplete training is the perfect storm for making costly mistakes.

Getting Started in Your Painting and Handyman Franchise

When franchising, there are many things to do in the initial stages of setting-up a painting or handyman business.  Fortunately, you can do many of these tasks concurrently. 

Request a copy of the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)

Klappenberger & Son Franchise Disclosure Document

When you receive an FDD, you have a mandatory two weeks to review it before signing the Franchise Agreement.  Having two weeks to review the document is a Federal law that all franchises all parties must follow.   So, it is essential to acknowledge that you received the FDD.  Your signature recognizes that starting period. 

You can continue to contact the franchisor with questions such as:

  • Requesting a territory check
  • Validation by contacting franchisees 
  • Filing out financial statements to ensure that the investment is possible
  • Researching what contractors’ licensees are required and what is the process involved in obtaining one.
  • Creating a business plan (we can assist)
  • Researching the necessary licenses and insurances
  • Discovery Day

When investigating into a handyman or painting franchise it is always a good idea to do a discovery day.  A discovery day is when you go to the corporate headquarters and meet the owner and his team.  You would likely visit some jobs in progress and get a chance to talk to a franchisee or two.  It is not always a practical trip, but it does give some insight that phone calls and webinars just cannot do.

Buying a franchise is like eating a six course meal.  There are stages, and none of it should be rushed.  If a franchisor is trying to pressure you to buy, then back off from signing.  Some other necessary steps in buying a franchise include validation and a discovery day.

The process from beginning to end typically takes about 2-3 months.

When investing in a Klappenberger & Son franchise we are here to advise and help you through this process.  After all, the point of buying a franchise is to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.