Benjamin Moore's National Account Perks

Klappenberger & Son franchisees receive cost-cutting discounts on paint when opening a Benjamin Moore national account.  

Our Benjamin Moore National Account prices are often lower than what independent contractors pay. Why? It’s all about buying power. When you have eight sizable franchisees purchasing large quantities of paint, we can negotiate better prices.

On average, our franchisees purchase about $90,000 worth of paint per year. Typically, through our Ben Moore National Accounts, we can save our franchisees between 15% and 25% off the price of a gallon of paint. These savings can either be passed down to the customer or used as a tool to increase margins. 

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In the Field Assistance

When opening a Ben Moore National Account with Klappenberger & Son, you will get valuable assistance on:

  • Estimating
  • Product recommendations
  • Material quantities 

Even though you will go through a five-week training program on estimating, you will run into situations not covered in class. You can always rely on our support to help you calculate an accurate estimate. However, you have a second option, inviting a Ben Moore Regional Manager to come with you. They are experts in evaluating the proper paints and quantities to use. In some cases, they may be able to give you estimates of the time it will take or point out unforeseen obstacles. Regardless, it is always advantageous to have a second pair of eyes, especially from an expert!


Having a Benjamin Moore National Account gives you access to one-on-one meetings with store managers and sales reps who are experts in their products.  There are many different types of paint for each substrate.  For example, Ben Moore has over 30 other interior paints for interior walls.  Knowing which is best for your customer’s needs is just a phone call away.   Yes, an independent contractor would also have access to the same information.  However, with your Ben Moore National Account, additional time during training is devoted to learning the commonly used products.

The Advantages of a Benjamin Moore National Account

Having a company the size and quality of Benjamin Moore by your side is a considerable advantage. Their generous discounts and quality paint make them a desirable company to form a long-term relationship with.