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Our Largest Territory Ever Has Opportunity Written All Over It

Are you looking for a franchise in Birmingham?  Whether you searched for franchises near me or specifically for the Birmingham area, this franchise is as diverse as Birmingham. 

Though Birmingham was once known for its ability to produce iron, its current leading economic driver is health care.

Having a city of nearly one million people is excellent.  Having the city of Birmingham’s number one industry health care makes a home service franchise like ours even better.

Why?  First, health facilities need regular painting and maintenance, and many facilities contract this work out to painting and handyman contractors.

Secondly,  the doctors, nurses, and specialists who work in the health care industry have disposable income.  From our 30 years of experience, I say that these types of professions are not DIYers.  They are looking for professional and reliable painting contractors.

Whether you live in Jefferson County (659,000), St. Clair County (65,000), Shelby (217,000), you will have 2 of the 3 wealthiest counties in Alabama!

Why Choose Klappenberger & Son? Because we Have large territories.

Money Central Territory

Birmingham Metro Map. This map shows why a franchise in Birmingham is a great opportunity
The total population is nearly 1 million people in the Birmingham metro area.

Why Our Industry Makes Sense for Franchising in Birmingham Alabama

If you are looking to franchise in Birmingham, there are many reasons to choose a franchise that provides both painting and handyman services.  

Firstly, the painting industry is a $31 billion per year industry.  In addition, the handyman franchise industry is a $4.1 billion per year industry.  Combining the two makes you a convenient one-stop shop. 

Secondly, people need our services regardless of the economy. For example, if home sales are slow, people are staying put and fixing up.  If it is a seller market, people are buying and making changes. 

You don’t need to convince someone to paint or maintain their property.  Look around. Just about every structure in your territory is painted.  And there will be things that break down and need to be fixed or replaced. 

Affordable franchise opportunities available across the United States
I've owned several businesses prior to buying a Klappenberger Franchise. The training and support make this business very scalable.

The Painting & Handyman Industry Is Not As Competitive As Most Industries

The painting and handyman industry is so unreliable that customers will create a loyal customer base if you show up and do a good job.   That is not the same for other industries such as restaurants.  For example, I love a good cheeseburger.  However, I’ll eat a cheeseburger from Five Guys, Wendy’s, Steak ‘n Shake, and just about any sports bar.  In short, I am not loyal to just one cheeseburger joint. 

On the flip side, no pun intended, the painting and handyman relationship is different.  Happy customers want to use the same contractor again and again.  This loyalty creates a great customer base.  Over 74% of our customers are repeat customers or referrals.

Who Has the Best Franchise?

Who has the best franchise?   I can answer in two words -no one.  Your needs, goals, and desires determine which franchise is the best for you. Not the franchise.

Buying a franchise is like buying a car.  Each car has its unique features and costs. Therefore, a good franchisor should NOT try to sell you their franchise but rather asking questions about you to see if your needs fit their franchise model.  

Here are a few questions we ask our candidates to determine if they are a good fit for our franchise model.  

First, do you want a brick-and-mortar store or an at-home business?  

Secondly, are you looking for a scalable franchise or a more part-time business?

Thirdly, are you looking for something to be hands-on or something the generates a more passive income?

What income are you looking to derive from whichever franchise purchase?

How soon do you need the cash flow from the franchise?

Have you talked to anyone in the franchise industry you are interested in? 

Most importantly, how much capital do you have to invest?  

owning a Klappenberger & Son painting franchise compared to others


Getting Started With Your Franchise in Birmingham


To see if a Klappenberger & Son franchise in Birmingham is right for you, fill out the contact form.

We will ask and answer the questions above and have a plain and frank discussion.

Our policy is not to sell you but to guide you and see if our franchise works for both of us.  

We respect your privacy at all times. 

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