Finding the Right Customers

You Maybe 5 Great Customers From Growing Your Painting  Business Here’s a question for you:  How many companies could survive with just 5 great customers?   Not many, right?  In fact, many businesses must constantly be attracting new customers because their previous ones move from one option to the next based on convenience, price, or whim.  As […]

Franchises For Veterans: It Just Makes Sense?

veteran franchisee of klappenberger & Son

Best Franchise For Veterans With over 4,000 franchises to choose from, which one is the best franchise for veterans? Because 300 new companies enter the world of franchising every year, and hundreds stop, it is impossible to keep track of them all.  But if I could write a recipe for the “Best Franchise For Veterans,” […]

Who Has The Best Painting Franchise

Who Has The Best Painting Franchise?​ Before you quit your job and spend $100,000 or more on a painting franchise, shouldn’t you know who has the best painting franchise? Which painting franchise has the best value and opportunity for you to grow? This review looks at seven franchises and the critical parts of the Franchise […]

A Franchise With A Guarantee?


A Franchise With A Guarantee? Now That A New Idea A franchise with a guarantee? Yes! According to Frankart Global, there are about 3,000 franchises to choose from in the U.S., and only one comes with a guarantee! Franchises range from part-time at-home-based businesses for ~ 10k  to Marriott International for 138,000,000.  Click here Franchisors Know […]