KnoxvilleTennessee Territory

The Knoxville Tennessee territory has alot of everything.  Whether you prefer residential, commercial, schools and universities or a combonation of all, the sources of revenue are difficult to beat.

Knoxville, Tennesse population is growing between 1.5 and 2.25% over the past decade.  There are many affluent areas throughout most of the counties.  

Knoxville Tennessee Franchise map

Knoxville metro aarea includes the following counties

Knoxville Tennessee Territory: Demographics

The demographics show a higher percentage of people aged 45-75.  This is the most likely age to hire painting and handyman contractors. 

The knoxville franchise territory is one of  our largest.  Knoxville could easily be divided into four to five territories if you were talking to our competitors. 

However,  at Klappenberger & Son our franchisees sing our praises with great support and coaching, and large territories.  Here is a link to some recent testimonials.  

Knockville Has Opportunity Everywhere!

With an abundent source of opportunity, the only thing now you need is a proven process for growing a painting and handyman company.   Klappenberger & Son provides that in abundance.  There six week training, and contiued on going support is unmatched in the painting  industry.  

The painting business is largely recession resistant.  Homes, retails shops, schools, and hospitals all need to keep there property in good shape.  

Klappenberger & Son has been around since 1989 and has thrived in all types of economic conditions.