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Middlesex County has opportunity everywhere, with over 333,688 house holds!

Upper Class Home in Middlesex County

Did you know that while most people in New Jersey are struggling to make ends meet, there are certain areas in the state that are so prosperous that they’re not sure what to do with all their money?

As a matter of fact, three counties in New Jersey are among the 15 richest counties in the United States of America. That means an astonishing 20% of the top 15 wealthiest counties in the entire country are located right here in the Garden State.

Although none of the counties in New Jersey have made it to the top 10 in the list, which was published by US News, the state is well-represented among these elite ranks.

We’ve got all the fascinating details right here, including which New Jersey counties made the cut, so be sure to check out the full article in order to learn more.

Middlesex County is the 6th wealthiest County in New Jersey. 
It has a higher percentage of professional, scientific, technical support, finance, and insurance occupations than the US population.
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  • Major Employers in Middlesex County

  •  CompanyNumber of Employees
    1Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital5,000 – 5,249
    2Novo Nordisk4,500 – 4,579
    3Wakefern Food Corp., Edison, NJ3,500 – 3,749
    4J.F.K. Medical Center, Edison, NJ3,000 – 3,369
    5Bristol-Myers Squibb3,000 – 3,249
    6St. Peter’s Healthcare System2,750 – 2,999
    7Silverline Building Products2,250 – 2,299
    8Johnson & Johnson2,000 – 2,249
    9Raritan Bay Medical Center2,000 – 2,249
    10Home Depot, Edison, NJ1,750 – 1,999
    11United Parcel Service, Edison, NJ1,750 – 1,999
    12Amerada Hess Corporation1,500 – 1,749
    13Walmart Stores Inc., Edison, NJ1,250 – 1,499
    14Ericsson1,000 – 1,249
    15Prudential Insurance Company, Edison, NJ1,000 – 1,249
    16Aetna/US Healthcare1,000 – 1,249
    17BASF Catalyst, LLC, Edison, NJ1,000 – 1,249
    18Colgate-Palmolive1,000 – 1,249
    19Dow Jones & Company1,000 – 1,249
    20White Rose Inc.750 – 1,000
    21International Technidyne Corporation 

According to the latest data from the credible source of Wikipedia, the county in question boasts a remarkably impressive average median household income of $93,418 in contrast to the median family income of $107,149. Notably, only 8.8% of the population fell below the poverty line, which is significantly lower than the national index.

It’s also worth noting that the poverty line percentage further decreases to just 11.1% among people under the age of 18 and even less at 8.8% among those aged 65 or over. It indicates how this particular county offers promising opportunities, ensuring economic stability and a better quality of life. With such a robust financial backbone, its residents can lead comfortable, prosperous lives without worrying about day-to-day expenses.

David Klappenberger, founder of Klappenberger & Son
David Klappenberger, founder