You Maybe 5 Great Customers From Growing Your Painting  Business

Here’s a question for you:  How many companies could survive with just 5 great customers?   Not many, right?  In fact, many businesses must constantly be attracting new customers because their previous ones move from one option to the next based on convenience, price, or whim.  As a result, these companies spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising to attract a sufficient number of customers to maintain their current sales level and continue to grow.  But what if you had 10 big customers who you did work for year after year and who provided you with $100,000 worth of work each year?  That gets you to $1 million in annual sales in a franchise business where your initial investment was less than $80,000.

So, who are these five customers, and how do we find them?  At Klappenberger Painting & Handyman, there are a few companies like this that all my franchisees are doing work for, which spreads the wealth and provides better coverage for the customer if they have multiple locations and creates more opportunities for work in the future.

Where Are the Great Customers?

First Great Customer: Property Manager

Our first great customer Keener Management.  They manage hundreds of properties throughout Washington DC.  Some of the jobs vary in size, but the steady flow of work is something that we are grateful for.  

Second Great Customer 

A second great customer we have is a successful businessman who owns a couple of car  Toyota dealerships.  He owns 2 homes which provide us with approximately 9 months of work per year. 

How do we keep him happy?  Good work and on time.  He doesn’t like to wait.  

Projects include:

  • Power washing
  • Painting
  • Handyman
  • Remodeling
  • Garage mancaves

Third Great Customer 

The third gold customer is not just a realtor but one of the most successful realtors in Maryland.  She sells over 150 homes a year.  A small portion of these homes will need painting and handyman services to be done before they can be listed.  Additionally, she will recommend us to the buyer if they need any of our services.  

How do we keep this realtor happy?  

Make her look good for recommending us. 

Fourth Great Customer Innovative Property 

A single property management company can easily give you 20-50 jobs a year.  These jobs can be as small as $100.00 and as large as $80,000.  The average job size is about $3,500.00 

How do we keep this property manager happy?  

  • communication through every step
  • take pictures of work
  • show-up / cleanup

The Fifth Great Customer

AACC great customer

we have is a local community college, AACC.  They have about 15 different buildings.  We are one of the five painting contractors who give us semi-regular painting projects.  Most of the jobs are very easy and straightforward and do not take much supervision.  

Franchise Success

Developing these kinds of relationships for and with our franchisees allows them to build significant businesses that continue to grow because they have customers like this who will give them repeat work.  Some of these are large projects that can rapidly increase our revenue and demonstrate our capabilities and expertise to other companies we want to attract.  This is another example of how we work hard and smart at Klappenberger Painting & Handyman to help our franchisees succeed. Contact us to start a franchise with us!