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Klappenberger & Son franchise provides painting and handyman services.    Even though we’ve been painting in the Mid-Atlantic area since 1989, we didn’t start franchising until 2017. Klappenberger & Son has been in business for more than 27 years and has worked in some of the most important places in the world. We worked at places like the Pentagon and the Smithsonian, and we also did some painting at the White House. Because of what we’ve learned, we decided to let our franchisees in on our secret sauce.

We have made a franchise that is ready to go and comes with everything you need.

Why Open a Klappenberger and Son Franchise?

Support and Training

In addition to the ongoing support, we provide a full six weeks of one-on-one training. Most of our competitors only offer two short weeks.

Largest Territories

Klappenberger & Son offers the largest territories of any painting and handyman franchise in the country. Large territories go fast!

Rewarding Success

In addition to having the lowest overall fees, we reward franchisees with lower royalties as their business grows. Royalty fees drop as gross revenues increase!

Proven Marketing

We give you the tools to get leads and dependable benchmarks to keep your ROI high. Brand awareness can be built through TV ads, digital marketing, SEO and partnerships.

Low Royalties

We want you to succeed. Your success is our success so we offer some of the lowest royalties in the painting franchise industry.


The Painting Industry is a 55 BILLION dollar industry and has proven itself to be recession and pandemic resistant.

Our Guarantee

We provide an easy-to-follow marketing plan that guarantees $500,000 in gross sales by your 20th month. In the event you fail to reach $500,000 in gross sales and can show you followed our sales plan, we will refund your franchise fee in full.

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